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BC K-12 Education Partners Calendar

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February 21 February 23
22 February 2017
Title Time Description
K-12 Aboriginal Education Partners 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM The K-12 Aboriginal Education Partners Table is established to work together, and within, our respective organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive, action oriented, and strategic approach to improve educational success for each Aboriginal learner in British Columbia through an annual work plan that will be reviewed and approved by membership on an annual basis.

Education Partners Legend. (Tip: Use an acronym from below as a search term to locate an organization's events.)

  • BCASBO - BC Association of School Business Officials
  • BCCPAC - BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
  • BCPSEA - BC Public School Employers' Association
  • BCPVPA - BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association
  • BCSSA - BC School Superintendents Association
  • BCSTA - BC School Trustees Association
  • FISA - Federation of Independent Schools Association
  • FNESC - First Nations Education Steering Committee
  • LFIC - Learning Forward International Conference
  • MoE - Ministry of Education
  • PSEC - Public Sector Employers' Council