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BC K-12 Education Partners Calendar

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October 24 October 26
25 October 2017
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MoE 3rd Annual Education Partner Liaison Meeting 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM This all-day meeting will provide partners from the BCSTA, BCSSA, BCASBO and Ministry of Education executive with an opportunity to network and discuss education issues of mutual interest and importance.

Register online at event-wizard.com/liaisonmeeting/0/register/

Phone: (604) 273-6336

Education Partners Legend. (Tip: Use an acronym from below as a search term to locate an organization's events.)

  • BCASBO - BC Association of School Business Officials
  • BCCPAC - BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
  • BCPSEA - BC Public School Employers' Association
  • BCPVPA - BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association
  • BCSSA - BC School Superintendents Association
  • BCSTA - BC School Trustees Association
  • FISA - Federation of Independent Schools Association
  • FNESC - First Nations Education Steering Committee
  • LFIC - Learning Forward International Conference
  • MoE - Ministry of Education
  • PSEC - Public Sector Employers' Council